Council of Thieves

The Story So Far

Book I – The Bastards of Erebus

Contacted by Janiven Key, the characters met at Vizio’s Tavern to discuss a business offer. After enjoying a meal together, a tense Janiven invited the party to join a resistance faction known as the Children of Westcrown. The meeting was interrupted by an out-of-breath Morosino claiming that Arael, the leader of the resistance, had been captured by the Dottari, Westcrown’s city guard. Within moments a force of Hellknights descended on the tavern, forcing everyone to flee into Westcrown’s sewers through a secret trapdoor in the tavern’s kitchen.

After several encounters with the sewer system’s less pleasant denizens and a group of Hellknight recruits, the party made its way to the Children of Westcrown’s safehouse, an abandoned shrine to Aroden in Rego Sacero. There the group mingled with members of the resistance, eventually formulating a plan to rescue Arael from Hellknight custody. The party struck a caravan transporting Arael out of the city the next day, humiliating the Hellknights and escaping safely.

Next, the group decided to lie low and let recent events settle, taking a brief trip out together at night to do battle with shadow beasts. Before long, an old contact of Arael and Janiven provided information about the next big job the group might undertake. He gave the location of an abandoned church of Erastil nestled in the northern ruins, known to be the headquarters of a group of tiefling bandits calling themselves the Bastards of Erebus. The four heroes moved to action once again, infiltrating the church and battling beasts and bandits through a dark underground complex. The party managed to kill or arrest all the group’s lieutenants and secure their stolen goods, but their leader, a powerful tiefling cleric named Palaveen, was able to escape with his life.

For the next month there were few unusual events save for an expedition to the northern ruins to defeat an upstart goblin king named Whitechin. It would be several weeks before the Children of Westcrown encountered their next big job, to pose as actors in a brilliant scheme to infiltrate the Lord Mayor’s estate.


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