Tag: children of westcrown


  • Gyorg Snowcrest

    Gyorg is a cleric of Abadar who dwells in a temple in Westcrown's Rego Sacero when he's not adventuring with friends. He was recruited by Janiven Key and is one of the best-known members of the Children of Westcrown. When he isn't drinking, he's asleep. …

  • Thanh Daggaros

    Thanh lives and works with Master Bellmaker [[:Zed Frikke]] in Westcrown's Rego Scripta. His family's blood is mingled with bronze dragons, granting him a natural ability to wield arcane magic. He is one of the central members of the Children of Westcrown …

  • Rast

    Rast became an unlikely member of the Children of Westcrown when [[:janiven-key]] invited him to a recruitment meeting after hearing about his run-ins with local authority figures. Rast's favorite pastimes include wooing his lover [[:Bellagronna Chanvalos …

  • Kline

    Kline has spent years ferrying lesser-nobility across the Westchannel from Rego Pena. He is perhaps the best-known member of the Children of Westcrown due to his starring role in _The Six Trials of Larazod_.

  • Amaya

    Amaya is a well-mannered and beautiful woman who dresses plainly to hide her features. She is skilled in glass-blowing. She has relatives in Sandpoint and Magnimar she would like to visit if circumstances ever change.

  • Ermolos

    Ermolos is an apprentice blacksmith. He has an amazingly strong upper body, but walks with a limp due to some childhood illness. His father, "Ermolos the Elder", was an adventurer who vanished under mysterious circumstances.

  • Gorvio

    Gorvio is among the original members of the Children of Westcrown. His uncle Jacovo is an ally of the group who helps out whenever possible. Gorvio's amber eyes betray a possible fiendish bloodline, and he has recently revealed his sorcerous powers to [[: …

  • Larko

    Larko is a dark-skinned man with a strong, silent demeanor. He prefers to act independently, but believes the Children of Westcrown are on a valuable mission. He helps them in any way he can between his long days loading and unloading cargo at the docks.

  • Mathalen

    A former porter, Mathalen is a recent addition to the gang. She is tall and thin, and deeply contemplative. She frequently spends her time meditating to cleanse her mind when she feels distressed. She was fired from her previous job and sees the Children …

  • Rizzardo

    Rizzardo is a powerfully-built Varisian man with curly black shoulder-length hair. He is short-tempered and has little appreciation for authority. He often spends time with Ermolos.

  • Sclavo

    Soft-spoken foreigner with dark skin. He seems to be well-educated and has perhaps the highest social status of any of the Children of Westcrown. He worships Iomedae.

  • Tarvi

    Tarvi is young and attractive. She is offended at her parents' repeated attempts to marry her into noble families, and has foiled numerous weddings. She has a passion for gemstones and would like to study magic as well. She works at her parents' jewelry …

  • Vitti

    Vitti is eccentric, bordering on mad. He has strange dietary habits and enjoys making wooden carvings of animals. He dyes his hair green using homemade pigments, and rarely bathes. He was raised in the wilderness surrounding the city and despises House …

  • Yakopulio

    Yakopulio is a noisy and irreverent gnome who scoffs at all sorts of faith and offends virtually everyone she meets. She moonlights as a pimp and serves drinks at the Bruised Eel during the day. Arael keeps her around because he admires her spirit.